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Invisible inks in used on the cards, and there is a symbolic mark on the backside of the cards that can only be seen after wearing these playing cards lens. These lenses are a part of marked spy invisible playing cards, this ink is used for marking the playing cards, and no one would be able to detect the mark on the cards as naked eyes cannot see it. If you wear these lenses, then you would be able to see the marks clearly.

How to Use Playing Card Lens

Thus, if you want to win all the games and never want to lose even a single bet, then use these contact lenses for playing cards. There are a few things to keep in mind while using playing card lens, firstly, try and use them is white light, wash your hands before wearing the lens to avoid infection. These are the best thing to be used with marked cards as the quality of the playing card lens is really excellent, and they are not harmful to your eyes. These lenses are designed for use of 12-15 hours continuously in a day. After removing these lenses from eyes keep them in the solution. You can use these contact lenses for playing cards in all games of cards such as teen Patti, rummy, texas, blackjack, cut patta, etc.
The major benefits of using these contact lenses are:-
• Safer than perspective glasses
• You can use them for all sort of card games
• One of the easiest way to cheat
• Offers HD view of markings

Win Card Gambling Games with Cheating Invisible Contact Lenses

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